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The digital signature solution has advanced, and now the code is open for anyone interested in providing their own iteration of the Mudamos app.


What is MUDAMOS+

As an innovative alternative to traditional paper signature collection, Mudamos is a tool designed to enhance the safety, speed, and verifiability of digital signatures, leveraging blockchain technology within the application.


Mudamos has been online since 2014, conceived as a digital platform for collective and democratic collaboration aimed at addressing challenges of public interest. From its inception, the project’s primary goal has been to foster informed debates with the active participation of diverse sectors of society in an open and transparent manner. Grounded in principles of impact and legitimacy,

In 2016, we clinched the Social Impact Challenge award, a Google initiative recognizing non-governmental organizations that leverage technology to positively impact people’s daily lives. Subsequently, Mudamos integrated blockchain technology, transforming smartphones into electronic pens capable of endorsing Popular Initiative Bills, thereby inviting society to collaboratively address public challenges.





Launched in April 2017, Mudamos+ revolutionized the interaction between voters and their representatives. The app transforms smartphones into digital pens, simplifying, securing, and enhancing the transparency of signature collection for popular initiative bills. This enables the full exercise of this fundamental right for Brazilian citizenship.

During the inaugural weekend following Mudamos’ March 2017 launch, the app soared to 100,000 downloads! This surge was fueled by the viral spread of a video featuring our partner, Márlon Reis, a former electoral judge and lawyer and a prominent figure in the Movement to Combat Electoral Corruption (MCCE).


When we introduced the feature to receive bills on the app, we garnered over 7,000 potential ideas for laws. This revelation underscored the populace’s eagerness for political involvement and collaboration in enhancing their quality of life.


Recognizing the challenge of drafting a bill, Mudamos pioneered an innovative approach known as Virada Legislativa (“24-Hour Legislative Festival”). This methodology supported citizens in transforming their ideas into legislative texts, subsequently disseminated through the app. In 2017, the inaugural Virada Legislativa took place in João Pessoa, engaging over 100 participants and ten councilors, resulting in the creation of five bills addressing urban mobilization in the city.


In January 2019, we unveiled Mudamos 2.0, featuring an updated design and an enhanced user experience, incorporating suggestions gathered from users during the first two years of operation. Our communication strategy underwent a transformation, reaching an even broader audience and establishing a more widespread presence for the app throughout Brazil.



In collaboration with the Forum for the Right of Access to Public Information, ITS Rio launched the Regulamenta LAI (“Regulating the Acess to Information Act”) initiative in 2020, commemorating the International Day of Universal Access to Information. During the campaign, any citizen could champion a popular initiative bill on Mudamos+ and advocate for the regulation of the Access to Information Act in their municipality or state.


Throughout our quest to enhance civic participation in the digital realm, we’ve gathered over 460 thousand signatures from 385 thousand users!

Furthermore, we’ve made a total of 134 projects accessible on the platform.

Beyond that, more than 8 legislative houses and civil society organizations have rallied to advocate for electronic signatures on popular initiative bills in Brazil!

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codigo aberto


With the unveiling of our open infrastructure, direct access to the Mudamos app from app stores will be suspended starting September 2023.

However, let’s clarify – this isn’t a farewell but an evolution! 

Mudamos is being redesigned into a versatile tool accessible to organizations and individuals keen on implementing secure and verifiable digital signatures through blockchain technology. In practical terms, the project is freely licensed on GitHub, allowing for modifications, copies, and in-depth studies, among other possibilities. 

We actively encourage the community to innovate, create new solutions, and customize the application to suit specific needs. Our aim is to broaden the impact by empowering others to implement and leverage Mudamos’ cutting-edge technologies.


Interested in crafting your version of Mudamos?

Explore the documentation page in the project repository on GitHub.

Mudamos is an application developed by the Institute for Technology and Society of Rio de Janeiro (ITS Rio).
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